Our Surf Courses

Surf Courses

1 day
Half day
  • A two hour Surf lesson
  • 6 students max.
  • 1 Instructor
  • Full equipment

During your first lesson you will learn the following:

  • A two hour morning surf lesson covering the basics of surfing.
  • Basic ocean safety and awareness.
  • An introduction to your surfboard.
  • How to enter and exit the ocean safely with your board.
  • How to identify a good wave to catch.
  • How to paddle to catch a wave.
  • How to lie on the board in the ‘prone’ position and ride a wave to shore.
  • How to ‘pop up’ or stand on the surfboard and ride a wave to shore.

By taking a three day surf course you will master the basics of surfing!

You will learn all of the above, plus the following:
  • An understanding of how the wind, tides, waves and currents affect the surf conditions and how to adapt and stay safe in varying conditions.
  • How to adjust your surfing stance and weight distribution to stay balanced on your board for longer.
  • How to paddle more efficiently.
  • Plenty of one on one help to assist your individual needs.

Surf Courses

3 days
Half days
  • 3 two hour lessons
  • 6 students max.
  • 1 Instructor
  • Full equipment

Surf Courses

5 days
110 Half days
  • 5 two hour lessons
  • 6 students max.
  • 1 Instructor
  • Full equipment

Our five day Surf Course will take you from beginner level surfer to intermediate.

In this course it’s time to go ‘out the back’ to catch the unbroken waves! Expect to learn everything in the 3 day course plus the following:
  • How to paddle ‘out the back’ to the green waves (unbroken waves).
  • How to sit on your board once you are out of your depth. How to turn the board using your legs.
  • Where to position yourself in the water for catching green waves.
  • How to identify an appropriate green wave to catch.
  • Paddling techniques for catching green waves.
  • How to stand up after catching a green wave and ride the wave to the shore.
  • How to turn on the green waves. How to catch lefts and rights.

Surf courses for intermediate level surfers

If you already have some surfing experience and are looking to further improve your skills, we can provide a course to suit your needs. Intermediate level surf courses run every week and are tailored to the requirements of each surfer. Prices are as above.