Surf school in Conil - Playa de los bateles

The river mouth at Bateles beach is a great place to learn to surf in the summer!

Having a very exposed orientation it picks up a lot of swell, so in the summer when the waves are smaller it will have the biggest waves on the coast! Similar to Fontanilla beach, it’s a sandy bottom beach break, giving safe conditions for learning.

This part of the beach is also the quietest in the summer months, meaning you can be relaxed whilst practicing your surf skills! Además, muy cerca del lugar podemos encontrar restaurantes, cafeterías y bares que están abiertos durante todo el año. 

There are also restaurants, cafés and bars that are open all year round in the immediate vicinity. In the summer months, there are also chiringuitos (beach bars) set up on Los Bateles beach, so there is no need to go far to find good quality Spanish food.

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This stretch of Andalusian coast is bathed by Atlantic waters and lined with rocky coves and beautiful long, sandy beaches. It’s the ideal place to relax and enjoy the sun, sand and sea all year round…. But it’s also the perfect place to practice water sports and spend a fun-filled holiday with your family or friends! There are so many appealing options that one trip is never enough!